Software Update

Version 7 of 8anawat App – Release date Sep 22 2016

Update your software now to get a new and fresh look.

The new software adds the following features:

  • New categories system
  • New Favorite system with dedicated button to add/remove. You can add a channel to favorite simply by clicking on the delete/backspace button (next to the number zero) on your remote control.
  • New Favorite category system, changing channels will only move you within your favorite channels now.
  • Improved video playback.
  • Added splash screen with loading indicator.
  • over 20 new categories including Time shifting and by language/country categories.

Follow these instructions to update:

  • Download the file from HERE.
  • Put the file on a USB flash drive/USB stick using any computer.
  • Insert the USB drive in the Android box using any port.
  • Click on the options button on your remote control (three horizontal lines).
  • From the list chose (App installer).
  • Chose option 2 for USB drive.
  • Click on 8anawat app that you have just copied to the USB drive.
  • Click on Install/Update in the bottom of the screen.
  • Once done, Click the HOME (house) button on the screen.
  • If asked to chose launcher, select 8anawat Arabic, and chose the Always option.
  • The app should automatically log you in with your username and pin code.
  • If you see a black screen, just click the OK button and the menu will appear.